CIL In Ireland

The First Centre for Independent Living seed was planted in Dublin in 1992.  This seed blossomed into an efficient and successful national movement.  Throughout the years, many individuals and groups throughout Ireland and the world have praised the work of CIL and have acknowledged our organisation`s achievements.

These achievements are well documented and were chalked up along a very difficult, bumpy and inaccessible path.  Many of us here at CIL clearly remember the good, the bad and the ugly times.  We started our journey as a nervous, ambitious and determined group of people n 1992, soon metamorphosing into a confident and even more determined body of people that provide a stronger and more effective voice of people with disabilities.

CIL is a grassroots organisation which was established by people with disabilities.

Our main aim is to empower and enable people with disabilities to achieve Independent Living, choice and control over their lives and to achieve full and active participation as equal citizens in society.

We are an organisation of people with disabilities.  Therefore we have the closest possible experience in this area.  We have demonstrated that we can work in partnership and effectively with a wide range of voluntary and statutory agencies.

We have been actively involved on the international stage.  We have established invaluable links with key organisations and individuals across Europe.  We are an active member of the European Network on Independent Living.

Our activities include influencing policy making at local, national and European level.  Developing membership and leadership in the Independent Living Movement.  Improving opportunities for participation in society for all people with disabilities.  Promoting transnational partnerships for the exchange of information on issues affecting people with disabilities.

Selina Bonny - Dublin CIL