In the Independent Living movement a Leader is a person with a physical and/or sensory disability who uses the service of a Personal Assistant. The Donegal Centre for Independent Living has over 100 Leaders.

The role of the Leader is to direct the PA as to the Leader’s requirements in order to achieve Independent Living, and instruct a trainee PA during their time in on-the-job training. The Leader is manager and trainer and it is their responsibility to understand fully what is involved in these roles. As a participant in the Independent Living Movement it is the responsibility of the Leader to help ensure that the movement is maintained. This may be achieved through active involvement in the activities and projects of the Donegal Centre for Independent Living. Most importantly, it is the Leaders’ responsibility to endeavour to live in accordance with the principles of the Philosophy of Independent Living.

Typical duties of a leader as employer; To understand what it means to engage in independent living. To direct a PA to facilitate the Leader in achieving independent living. To participate in Leader training. To gain an understanding of what is involved in the role of manager. To have in-depth knowledge of the Leader Manual. To process within the required time, paperwork and employment. documents such as timesheets etc. To ensure that each PA works the actual number of hours entered on their timesheet, and mediate all payroll/personnel problems. To inform the PA of the rights and responsibilities of all involved parties.

Jennifer Interviews

Donal K. O`Boyle

Readers of the DCIL magazine will no doubt be familiar with the name Donal K O’Boyle. Donal and I chatted about the support available for people with a disability in Letterkenny.
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John Doherty

John Doherty from Letterkenny is a Leader and board member of DCIL. Blind since birth, he is currently studying administrative management at LYIT through the support of the Donegal Centre For Independent Living.
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Melita Denaro

Originally from Burt and educated in London, Melita now lives in a cottage in the Isle of Doagh. The peaceful surroundings of the countryside and her love of nature are a great source of inspiration for her work as an artist. She does not let the fact that she has MS stop her from living a productive life.
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